CNC Router Machinery

3-Axis Simultaneous Motioned CNC routers

AvailableMaterials To Cut:             
Solid wood, soft wood, composite wood (OSB,MDF,LDF,etc.), Foam(EVA,Polystyrene,etc.), Plastic (ABS, Acrylic, PVC, etc.), veneer, Aluminium.etc.

AvailableMaterials to Engrave:
Solid wood, Soft wood, Composite Wood (OSB, MDF, LDF, etc.), Foam (EVA, Polystyrene, etc.), Plastic (ABS, Acrylic, PVC, etc.), Veneer. Aluminium.etc.
Marble, Granite, Sandstone, Artificial stone. Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Mild Steel, Stainless. (Adding Oil mist cooling and Water shelter)

CNC Router

Features of CNC Router

StructureWelded steel
Spindle3.5kw aircooled
SurfaceT-slot and vacuum
RailsPMI Linear 20mm dia
MotorsStepper 4.3 Amps
DriversYako 2811
Z Feed200 mm

Parameters- In Standard configuration

Working AreaX
Table Surface
1200 mm
2400 mm
120/200/300 mm
Vacuumed T-slot
Transmission systemX
PMI Linear Square rail, Rack and Pinion
PMI Linear Square rail, Rack and Pinion
PMI Linear Square rail , Ball screw rod
3.00 kw / 3.5kw / 4.00 kw / 4.5 kw
SpindleRotating Speed
Cooling Type
Air Cooling / Water Cooling (Italian HSD Spindle)
About drive systemsXYZ motors and driversHigher subdivision Stepper Motor
Machine bodyThick welded tubular steel / Square Body
Control CabinetStanding Metal Cabinet / Inside Machine Cabinet
Machine Switches1 power switch, 1 Emergency switches
Control SystemHandheld DSP Controller (RZNC)
Compatible file formatsG code ; *.u00 ; *.mmg ; *.plt .
Compatible CAD/CAMSoftwareType3 / Artcam7.0 or 8.1/Castmate/Pro E/UG/Artgrave.
Windows system2000/XP/2007
Working VoltageAC380v 3ph or 220v single phase
MaxAir Move Speed35000mm/min
Function of continue carving
after break point /knife
break/power off
Precast of processing time and
Automatic tool positioning
Gross Weight1200kg/1500kg
Accessory for each machineToolkit

Benefits of CNC Machine:

  1. Whole steel work frame , 6mm thickness bed, 10 mm thickness gantry beam. High Rigidity.
  2. Adopt durable driving by synchronizing wheel consists of belt and gear shaft. Big power sub-division motors keep stable moving, improve your working efficacy.
  3. Adopt Handheld DSP controller with fast working precision, easy operation.
  4. It will start the work automatically at the point from which the power cut off. More intelligent.
  5. Using quality sensor switch, improve the machine working safety .
  6. Adopt Chinese best quality Stepper drivers, supply 35m/min air run speed. Improve production.

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